As a nonprofit, FIRST North Carolina relies on the generosity and passion of its supporters to bring our programs to all students.  Touch the future and make a contribution today. 

You can donate in one of two ways:

  • 1 - Send a check or money order to:  FIRST North Carolina, PO Box 5715, Greensboro, NC  27435
  • 2 - Donate with a credit card.  Due to recent challenges and concerns of fraud with unscrupulous hackers using nonprofit online donation buttons to test whether stolen card numbers are valid, we have removed the online ability to use a credit card.  Please call us at 336.375.3861 to process your payment.  Thanks for understanding and for helping us to preserve our good name.

You can also link your on-line shopping to Amazon Smile and Giving Assistant. Help us inspire the next generation!

On behalf of all the students, coaches, teachers, mentors, business leaders, parents and volunteers,


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